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Full integrated with DATACAR DMS and eCLOCK21, ePROD21 automates the management, collection, and distribution of employee hours in real time, making conventional time and attendance systems things of the past. eCLOCK21 boasts robust, flexible pay rules allowing management to enforce complex work and pay rules, reducing unwanted overtime and increasing accuracy throughout their organization. By calculating this information automatically, ePROD21 saves your payroll staff time, and reduces the risk of costly payroll inflation errors.

ePROD21 lets you record and track all of the mechanic's time spent on repair orders or other job assignments. ePROD21 is a stand alone system that works independently to keep track of the type of labour, time worked, time billed per mechanic and per repair order. There is an informational look-up interface between this package and invoicing system to provide the necessary statistics to maintain and close repair orders. The package offers a number of reports to show the mechanic's time entered.

For instance, if a shop supervisor wants to track only repair orders that are waiting for parts, he can do so by creating a report that will show those repair orders in red. Or, to track jobs that are running over the expected hours, he can set up another report to display those jobs in yellow. Reports of related information can be linked to provide drill-down capabilities.

Using flexible, color-coded displays, the user will know in a single glance if the service department is running smoothly. And, for quick access to problem areas, ePROD21 allows the user to rearrange and sort data at any time. Whether it's a summary of the number of open repair orders, details of every repair order, or availability of technicians, the flexibility of ePROD21 enables the user to access all the information needed in exactly the way they want to see it.


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