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DATACAR DMS is the leading DMS solution for today's fast-paced automotive distribution industry.

Designed to provide ease and independence for the dealer, coupled with providing seamless connectivity to the manufacturer's DCS, DATACAR DMS manages multiple makes, manufacturers and suppliers via a single, easy-to-use interface.

DATACAR DMS is tailored to suit every dealership size and activity while remaining cost-effective. A multiple-warehouse, multiple-company application, DATACAR DMS is based on technologies that minimize costs in multiple site operations, such as database replication and Internet / Intranet access.


  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs and considerably increase the life cycle of user stations.

  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with the majority of standard management programs: Sap, Navision, Primavera, etc.

  • Lower training costs and keep try-out periods at a minimum, with a user-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn and use system.

  • Streamline and personalize DATACAR DMS's interface, increasing efficiency and easing communication. Users can customize screens to match their working habits and the most common tasks can be pre-defined. Screens can appear in the user's language, and reports can be issued in the client's language.

  • Boost performance with standardized transactions. All application modules are standardized, using the same graphic specifications, same procedures and following the same rules.

  • Protect your data and distribute information only where required. Features such as access control, restricted data, passwords, and user activity logs enable fully gradable data protection and administration.

  • Assign administrators to centralize and secure system administration. Administrators can manage users, application programs, companies, screens, menus, etc. and define each user's rights with ease.

  • Maximize savings and enjoy scalability. offers an extensive, open, standard and simple solution, which is adapted to your configuration and your system's development. Modules are easy to access and implement, considerably reducing operation costs.

  • Upgrade with ease. We pride ourselves on the seamless integration, regularity and low costs of the new releases and upgrades which our development team issues.

  • Employ your information directly; no conversion needed. Microsoft SQL data can be run directly using standard systems (Word, Excel, etc.) with no need for transfers, extractions or other operations.

  • Interface directly with your manufacturers' systems avoiding data re-entry and affording easy validation of data sent to the manufacturer.


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