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The recession is fostering interest in BI software, which helps companies analyze the data they collect for new cost-cutting or sales opportunities.

eADDFIN21 allow you to identify, manage and report on metrics at every level of the enterprise. With eADDFIN21 you can align tactics with strategy by creating strategy maps, impact analysis, cause-and-effect diagrams, and other aspects of the balanced scorecard.

eADDFIN21 provides high interactivity and offers possibility to preview, pan, zoom, and export reports to the most wide-spread formats, quickly search for necessary information and conveniently navigate the report.

eADDFIN21 is a pack of .NET components designed for the creation of complicated and intelligent digital dashboards. A full-featured graphics editor allows the creation of new visual components, combining both unique appearance and functionality, with only a few mouse clicks.


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