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DATACAR CRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the automotive industry. The software ensures that your company delivers satisfied customer experiences and achieves outstanding business results.

DATACAR CRM's powerful marketing and sales assistance functions enable manufacturers and distributors to increase revenue, guarantee consistent customer service, and ultimately, optimize marketing and sales activities. The software's single database collects and retains information pertinent to your business, with information conveniently organized and readily available at any time. Items such as vehicle fleet, operations, customers and prospects, and purchasing history, are just some of the many features offered.

DATACAR CRM provides you with the necessary insight to identify your customers needs, and optimize critical marketing and sales decisions. The software allows you to effectively share customer information not only with your sales force, but also with all employees in the dealership making DATACAR CRM your most valued marketing tool !


  • Manage your distributed sales force. DATACAR CRM helps your sales managers manage their sales force and launch new commercial operations by producing reports and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Establish full control over your firm's knowledge. As it logs all commercial actions, including the operations performed with each customer and their unique characteristics, DATACAR CRM enables full control of the firm's knowledge and lets you easily integrate new sales reps.
  • Interface with leading dealer management systems.
  • Lower training costs and keep try-out periods at a minimum, with a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn and use tool.
  • Protect your data and distribute information only where required. Features such as access control, restricted data, passwords, and user activity logs enable fully gradable data protection and administration.
  • Enjoy the reliability, compatibility and power of an international, integrated and secure solution. DATACAR CRM, a multilingual, multi-company and multi-make solution, which is deployed in numerous countries worldwide, is based on the latest standard technologies, such as Windows, SQL, Internet...
  • Upgrade with ease. We pride ourselves on the seamless integration and regularity of the new releases and upgrades which our development team issues.


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