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Add-On Modules


Instant SMS text messages can be sent automatically from dealers to their customers through MOTORSOFT ®'s DATACAR DMS DMS. The SMS option saves dealers valuable time, particularly with post-sales activities. Dealers can contact customers quickly and efficiently, and inform them that work on their vehicle has been completed.

Most customers leave their mobile numbers when they drop off vehicles, and SMS ensures that customers will get the message the same day. It also means a sound return on investment, since the price of SMS is less than a phone call, fax, or marketing campaign.


Datapass is a customer loyalty program designed to enhance customer relationships. With this unique benefits card, customer service is optimized at every dealership, expediting the on-going relationship between the dealership, the service department, and the customer.

Whenever customers arrive to receive service from the dealer, they can present the card to receive welcome procedures. As an add-on to the DATACAR DMS DMS system, it allows instant access to the customer's history, customized mileage discounts and more. With Datapass, customers will receive discounts on spare parts and accessories, and services, including free car washes and priority placement for all appointments. Datapass also offers special privileges for VIP customers, including Gold Club members, and invitations to private viewings and exhibitions.


SmartCars is a vehicle access control system that remotely reads license plate numbers of vehicles at predetermined control points. The system manages vehicle access through video recognition.

SmartCars is based on innovative Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Easy to use, it guarantees recognition within a fraction of a second, providing outstandingly high recognition accuracy. SmartCars is independent of country and plate type, is cost-effective, and does not require maintenance. It helps to meet the challenges of developing effective parking management, vehicle identification and ITS solutions by making it easier to incorporate vehicle ID based information into a computing environment. When linked to DATACAR DMS, SmartCars provides user-friendly management of incoming vehicles by facilitating the entry of repair orders.

Mobile Solutions

Pocket-Car Dealer ®, Customer Relations Management (CRM) goes mobile.

Optimize sales performance with the latest innovation from MOTORSOFT ® !

The combination of " Pocket PC-telephone-GPS " and the Pocket-Car Dealer ® software solution provides your salesmen with a simple and user-friendly tool which includes telephone, GPS navigation, detailed NC and UC stock access, prospect and appointment management functions.

Your sales force's performance is optimized, your CRM is updated regularly and you have complete control over sales force activity and client data.


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